My Story

I joined Scentsy in Nov. 2009 to make some extra money for my family. As I look back on the almost 7 years I have been with Scentsy, it has been so much more than that! I overcome many obstacles in my life & having to put myself "out there" in front of others has helped me over come so many fears.  I have made many new friends thru Scentsy, not just other consultants, but customers, other vendors & most important my "family" at the Women's Ministry. My life has changed in many ways since joining. I was able to retire  from my "regular" job, not because of all the money I make, but because I have followed my heart. Scentsy has given me that. I am happy where I am, but have goals and purpose. That keeps me reaching for the stars! I choose Scentsy!!! <!--endbody-->